Holistic Alternatives in Houston, TX

Holistic Materials from Your Dentist in Houston!

Dr. Krell always accounts for holistic health when providing dental care. While part of that philosophy is keeping the entire body in mind, it also means taking the initiative to offer treatments and materials that do not compromise that promise. If you’re in need of restorative dental treatment, whether it’s because your tooth is damaged or entirely missing, you shouldn’t have to settle for metal materials that force you to compromise your holistic health. To learn more about these materials, keep reading or give us a call to schedule an in-person appointment!

Materials Matter in Dentistry

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Krell understands that some patients experience different reactions to certain materials compared to others. For example, some patients are not able to receive traditional orthodontic braces because they carry an allergy to the nickel alloy typically used in the hardware. In other cases, patients may exhibit a negative reaction to silver crowns or fillings because of the many alloys they contain.

Additionally, some patients simply don’t like the appearance of metal in their restoration, often because of how they reflect light. If you have multiple metal fillings, you’ve probably noticed a gray sheen in your smile. Metal-free materials, including composite resin, porcelain and zirconia all avoid this issue because they do not use metal alloys of any kind.

Why We Use Composite Resin Over Silver Amalgam

Composite resin is a unique mixture made from both glass and plastic. That’s right. No metal is used in this incredibly versatile material. Our office utilizes composite resin whenever we need to restore teeth damaged by mild to moderate levels of decay or cavities. In the past, silver amalgam was used to restore teeth, but nowadays this material has only become more problematic than it’s worth using.

Furthermore, composite resin is easier to mold inside of teeth, therefore allowing us to retain as much of the tooth’s natural structure. This wasn’t possible with silver amalgam, which forced dentists to remove small amounts of enamel in order to make it fit.

How Does Holistic Dentistry Work?

Holistic dentistry involves looking at the overall health for the patient and finding the optimal treatment approach to create the best outcome. Dr. Krell prioritizes the use of safe materials and technologies to deliver dental treatment.

About Amalgam Allergy

Allergies to amalgam fillings are rare but a possibility that Dr. Krell accounts for. Mercury or one of the other components used in the amalgam filling can trigger an allergic response in some patients, producing symptoms such as skin rash, irritation, ulcers in the mouth, and itching.

Typically, sensitivity to mercury is linked to a family history of metal allergies.

Who Should Consider Holistic Dentistry?

Nursing mothers: Women who are currently breastfeeding may want to avoid amalgam fillings due to the possibility of low levels of mercury in breast milk.

Pregnant women: Mercury can be exposed to the developing fetus as well as the mother due to amalgam fillings. If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant soon and need restorative dental care, ask Dr. Krell about your holistic options.

Younger patients: Dr. Krell understands that parents want to protect their children’s developing systems from the potential harm of mercury exposure, which is why alternative materials may be recommended for younger patients.

The Impact of Holistic Dentistry on the Body

Mercury has unique characteristics that make it useful in materials. When used for amalgam fillings, its function is to bind the particles together so that the resulting material is durable. However, mercury is bioaccumulative, which means a part of it can build up in the body, including organs like the brain and kidneys. Holistic dentistry allows patients to receive the high-quality dental care they need, without exposing them to harmful substances that cause harm to their bodies.

Should I Have My Amalgam Fillings Removed?

The process of removing amalgam fillings that are in good condition may lead to the removal of healthy tooth structure, leaving your tooth weakened and vulnerable to damage. However, if you have certain pre-existing conditions, such as an allergy to metals or problems with your kidneys, removal and replacement of your amalgam fillings may benefit you. Dr. Krell understands that patients want to prioritize their health with holistic dentistry and will determine if it is in your best interest to replace your metal fillings.

Get Ceramic Dental Implants at Our Office!

Dr. Krell and the team are proud to say that their metal-free restorations don’t stop at crowns and fillings. They also include dental implants! These unique, two-piece, ceramic restorations utilize a cement-free connection and pose an alternative to the traditional titanium material typically used for tooth replacement. By removing all metal material from the implant, you can more effectively achieve a natural-looking aesthetic, while still maintaining a sustaining bond between your bone/soft tissue and your new tooth.

More specifically, the ceramic material is zirconia, or zirconium dioxide. This white, crystalline material is ideal for dental implants because of its biocompatible attributes and incredible durability. It even carries a low plaque affinity, meaning it’s less likely to retain dental plaque and bacteria than traditional titanium.