Invisalign Vs Metal Braces: Things You Should Know

Invisalign treatment Houston

If you are interested in achieving a straight smile, there are many alignment options available today. You likely know about metal braces, which are a great choice for addressing bite or misalignment issues, but they are not the right choice for every patient. Invisalign clear aligners are also an excellent solution, with additional benefits. Dr. […]

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Solutions for Missing Teeth

Tooth replacement

Missing teeth can certainly change the appearance of your smile as well as its function. Whether the missing tooth is in the front, side, or bottom, your oral health can be compromised. Even a single missing tooth can impact your confidence and ability to chew and speak, among other things. Gum disease, tooth decay, and […]

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Transform Your Smile with Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry Houston

A healthy, beautiful smile can boost your confidence and quality of life. However, several dental issues, including tooth decay and tooth loss, can compromise your oral health. Restorative dentistry offers patients a range of treatments that can address many significant dental concerns. Learn more about restorative dentistry’s transformative properties below.  Advantages of Restorative Dentistry Restorative […]

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Oral Health Habits for a Lifetime: Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay & Gum Disease

Gum disease prevention

Gum disease and tooth decay are two common dental conditions that affect the appearance and function of our smile. If left unaddressed, these conditions can even lead to other health issues. Maintaining good oral health is crucial to preventing these dental conditions. Dr. John Krell is committed to providing you with the knowledge, tools, and […]

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Nutrition Plays a Pivotal Role In Oral Health: National Nutrition Month

Your dietary choices can greatly impact your oral health. Eating a nutritious diet supports healthy teeth and gums, while poor diets can contribute to damage to your teeth. Eating too much sugar could leave your teeth susceptible to decay, which is common yet highly preventable. In celebration of National Nutrition Month, top Houston dentist Dr. […]

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Cosmetic Dentistry in 2023? Improve Your Smile New Year With These Treatments

A great smile can boost your confidence and allow you to shine when speaking and interacting with others. What better time to improve your smile than now? The new year brings new opportunities to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry, and advances in the field have led to treatments that can provide both restorative, functional, and […]

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