Inlays and Onlays in Houston

Tooth support from the inside

An inlay is a kind of tooth restoration that can be thought of as a partial dental crown. They are typically used to repair broken or decayed teeth that can’t be fixed with just a filling but don’t require a complete crown. An inlay, as the name implies, actually fits inside a tooth to support it. This is what makes it ideal for fixing cavities. Thanks to our CEREC system, we can give you a completely custom inlay in just one visit.

An onlay is a type of partial dental crown, and it can be used to repair chipped, broken, cracked, and decayed teeth. Think of it as the middle point between a filling and a complete dental crown. An onlay simply fits onto the affected tooth just like a crown, but it only covers part of it as opposed to the entire structure. This kind of treatment allows us to preserve as much of your natural tooth as we can, which will make the tooth stronger overall.

Have a tooth that needs to be repaired? Is one of your teeth oddly shaped and doesn’t match the others? An onlay can address all of these issues, so be sure to contact our office today for an appointment.

Inlay Procedure Details

Inlays are a type of indirect filling that fits into the grooves of the tooth. They are ideal for cavities that lie within the tooth, as opposed to cavities that have damaged the tooth’s outer edges. Dr. Krell completes inlay dental treatments in a painless and straightforward procedure. The treatment area is first numbed so that you remain comfortable during the process. Then, the tooth is drilled to remove all decay. Once thoroughly cleaned, an impression is taken of the tooth so that the inlay can be produced. For this process, Dr. Krell uses the CEREC® machine, which can create customized restorations within the same appointment. The inlay is composed of either porcelain or a composite resin, both of which are designed to match the tooth, allowing for a seamless and durable result.

Onlay Procedure Details

For teeth that have sustained more extensive damage, onlays may be used. Like inlays, onlays fit inside of the tooth, except onlays also extend to the tooth’s chewing surface. Traditionally, onlays were made of gold, but can now be made from tooth-colored materials to help provide a more aesthetic result. The process for getting onlays is similar to inlays, including bonding the material directly to the tooth to provide extra strength.

Benefits of Onlays and Inlays

Teeth that have been damaged due to decay require support; depending on your case this can be achieved with inlays and onlays. These common dental restorations are used to replace small amounts of lost tooth structures, either internally or externally. Dr. Krell recommends dental inlays and onlays for patients who have dental damage that necessitates a more extensive treatment than traditional fillings.

Eliminated pain: Cavities can cause toothache pain that can range from a dull, consistent ache, to intense, jabbing pain, depending on the location of the cavity and the severity of the damage. After restorative treatment with inlays and onlays, the damaged area of the tooth is removed and filled with strong material, eliminating pain in the process.

Improves the tooth’s structure: Inlays and onlays provide much-needed support for teeth that have been compromised by decay.

More conservative dental treatment: Dental treatment with onlays only requires the removal of the damaged part of the tooth.

Onlays vs Crowns

When it comes to dental restorations, patients may be confused about the differences between onlays and other treatments. An onlay fits onto the tooth but only covers a portion of it. This leaves more of the tooth’s original structure in place, which provides for a stronger tooth. On the other hand, crowns are tooth-shaped caps that cover the entire tooth. They require the removal of a small amount of the tooth’s enamel to ensure a secure fit. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, such as porcelain and resin. Dr. Krell will decide which treatment is most appropriate for you.

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